Continuing from the very short intro a month or so ago ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Back in May, I took a trip with my brother, sis-in-law, and a good friend to Chicago. But we decided to take the treacherous 1,377 miles/ 2,216 km journey from Florida to Illinois by car rather than plane.

We figured with 3 drivers rotating, and a sleepy head reserve, we could do a 21 hour non-stop dash to our destination.

With doughnut rations plenty, and milk on the side to quench our dehydration. Surely it would be a enjoyable drive?


And we are off to a good sunny ... no rainy...sunn- rai-... A rainy sunny day to bring this journey to a great totally not a OHGODWECAN'TSEETHEROAD start. >_>;


Okay so truth be told, the appeal of driving across the country was something I looked forward to. The lush country side void of palm trees, the vertigo going over bridges gives, actual hills with mountain paths, and cute animals sleeping on the side of the road ... ( ._.)

Ironically the better part was the pitch dark mountain curving path, while doing 80 mph /128 km...


1,377 miles/ 2,216 km of guilt trip billboards, holding it in because fuck murder scene gas stations, and much sore butts later....



THE CITY OF GIANTS! Such as the likes of Abe, and that bean which I am sure it belonged to a giant....CHICAGO!


1/1 scale

So I can't travel... at all, but I would love be able to! So it is always extincting for me to go to Chicago (only place I been) or anywhere for that matter when I do have the sources to do so ^^;

But Chicago holds a place in my heart because of 4 special people that reside there.


Also, it is a beautiful city or at least the downtown area during the day.


Bustling city, which is no different from the Miami downtown with its skyscrapers. But with heart.

With its food cultural festivities, and whatnot that we where too broke to enjoy.


Oh look is that Tower Formally known as the Willis Tower! Went up top the glass window, and NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE ^^;

Still surprised how much development and expanding is going on.

Of course my favorite part as strange as it may seen, is the actual people. Just such a mix of people, and different communities; Little Poland, Little China Town, Little Italy, Little Russia, Little Mexico, Little Korea, ect. So much foods to taste... homemade Mexican food is the best though! ^o^


Fight the Power?


Lots of people, and the I could not contained my giggles at how shaky the metro system is from my cousin. Much dork calling was made in our outings. Also, aside from the other colors. I LOVE HOW THERE IS A PINK AND PURPLE LINE!

But being a humble lowly peasant pleb tourist, I needed to pay respect to the GIANTS...

and their pants.


Really puzzled why there are pants in the middle of the park. Since no one knew why they where left behind or how they came to be. The reassuring shrug to my inquiry was all needed to confirm the existence of giants.

A monument to safe guard the city from Canadian Kaijus? Spirits to keep the townsfolk safe from Stan? Or just lazy giants who left their dirty poop pants out to dry?


1/32 scale

Of course these aren't the only ones to be found.



The people, architecture, traffic congestion.....heart.

Side note: This was taken on a 3 hour hunt for a restaurant x(


Quite horrifying if you think about it.



Almost got lost while taking my time with this jerk.

That being Columbus.

But then....


OOHHHHHHH!!! Truly the real monument to the savior and guardian of the city!

Surprisingly not a bear. The cult of the Bears is strong in windy city of blowing giants.... wait >_>;

Now, here is Paul being all creepy... outside a window looking into the house.


And another adventure that can be summed up by this one turtle.

Fascinating how many sea critters you can cram in such a small space.

Welp that does it for this late summer entry log.There is a lot I left out since it would be spoiling the sights of what the city has to offer. And there is just so much quality you can get out of a a phone ^^;

Only take away is....

Next time we are flying. The ' road trip' is over rated like nothing else. I am sure nothing could go wrong on a plane....